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Reliability Engineering Certification

Ready for a career in manufacturing? Are you a Skillbridge eligible veteran?


Join the Manufacturing Leaders Project to receive certification in Reliability & Maintainability Engineering. Expert coaching from Renaissance Reliability engineers ensure you succeed in the manufacturing industry. Approved by the Department of Defense SkillBridge and accredited by the University of Tennessee, the Manufacturing Leaders Project is designed by veterans, for veterans. We know firsthand that transitioning out of military service and finding work is tough. And we are committed to helping you replace transitional stress with a fulfilling and passionate career in manufacturing.


Fill out the contact form below to learn more and set up an interview.

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Excellent Salary

Salaries range between $80K and $130K upon graduation and certification.


Training Time

3 months on location followed by a lifetime of opportunities across the country.

Certified Value

$0 cost training. Secure a future in manufacturing by earning a University of Tennessee Knoxville Engineering Certification.

Designed Program

Expert coach facilitated, team executed, competency-based learning, custom curriculum designed to meet your needs.

Training Location

Training locations are found throughout the country.

Our People

All branches of the U.S. military are represented on our team.


Interested in joining the program or learning more? Fill out the form and someone from the Veteran Transition Program will contact you.

Eligible Veterans and/or Spouses may apply.

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