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Unturning Steel is an upcoming documentary film that features Bill Leahy as he works to provide service members with a path forward after returning home. In the aftermath of tragedy, Bill sets out on a hero’s journey to help his fellow veterans bring their talents to American manufacturing. Together with the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Bill has created a new offering that provides veterans the support and training they need to find purpose in American manufacturing.

But in a society falling short of offering proper support to both veterans and manufacturers, will Bill realize his vision? Will veterans find those employment opportunities as American manufacturing experiences a new renaissance in the 21st Century?

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“After my brother’s funeral, I was having a conversation with his dear friend (and a Navy SEAL), and it gave me an incredible idea. He told me that ‘Turning Steel’ is what they shout on the radio prior to breaching their target with explosives. That inspired me to call the film ‘Unturning Steel’ because this work of helping veterans find a home in American manufacturing is so difficult. We are involved in the heavy, difficult work of helping veterans find the training and purpose to restore American manufacturing.” 

Bill Leahy​
Subject/Executive Producer



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William (Bill) Leahy

Subject/Executive Producer 

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Paul Guidroz

Subject/Project Manager

U.S. Army Veteran Paul Guidroz is now Chief of Operations at Renaissance Reliability. Based in Longview, Texas, Paul’s experience in both the manufacturing and military spheres has earned him a spotlight in the film as well as a producer position. A recipient of the Commanding General’s Leadership Award, Paul is a highly respected and active member of the veteran community.

Bill Leahy is the founder and CEO of the veteran-owned and operated manufacturing consultancy, Renaissance Reliability LLC based in Connecticut. As a West Point graduate and Reliability Engineering advocate, Bill has touched nearly every facet of manufacturing from technical skills to leadership to advocacy. As a West Point Cadet, Infantry Officer, and child of a manufacturing and military family, veteran and manufacturer support is a cause close to Bill’s heart. Tune in to The Fragout Podcast to hear Bill talk about the film, and how he is helping service members rebuild American manufacturing.

Michael Wood is a tecnical director and producer based in the San Diego. After 15 years of military service in the United States Marine Corps and combat in Iraq, Michael continues to serve in new ways. As film director for Unturning Steel, Michael is inspiring more service members to find their new purpose while challenging American society to think differently about their tickets of disengagement.

With Never Forgotten Media, Michael leads teams to provide production, livestreaming, and post-production services for clients while brining vets on set. 

"It's amazing and cathartic creating significance in this space where technology and storytelling collide."

Geraldo Signorini


Geraldo is Chief Innovation Officer at Renaissance Reliability LLC, also co-founder and Technical Director at Unikuaa Consultoria Ltda. Geraldo has been involved with Maintenance and Reliability for the past 13 years with a background in the Oil and Gas Industry. Geraldo has been leading and implementing projects as well as coaching and mentoring talents for the manufacturing industry across the globe in more than 20 countries. His passion for Leadership, Continuous Improvement and Reliability Engineering have brought him to meet Bill and bring the Manufacturing Leaders Project to life. He is a strong believer that reliability should be elevated as an industry core value in order to develop a safer, more competitive and sustainable industry. Please follow him on Linkedin where he shares some of his knowledge and point of view of the future for the industry.

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